Minkko Group

We are a team of digital experts that have experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, e commerce and business Throughout our vast experience we have managed to understand the main needs of different companies and we have been able to help address technology in order to leverage business objectives. We believe that technology is an excellent enabler and needs to be understood in order to help all the company processes.

We are here to assess each one of our clients , so we take some time to understand, then create, develop, grow and maintain each one of the channels that communicate the company with the market. This way we ensure sustainability and constant growth.


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We are always near our clients in order to help them understand.
We are experts in B2C and B2B business.
We take care of each one of the investments so we get the best results from them.
We are also entrepreneurs. We know how hard it is to get the proper return.
We do not sell technology, we focus on the company needs.
We mix offline and online in an easy way.
We have great talent and we work from Colombia to the world.

Do you feel passionate about digital transformation and you like to work with a group of experts in the subject? Then Minkko Group is the right place for you. Send us your resume and let us know that you exist contacto@minkkogroup.com

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